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Life Works is proud to partner with the City of Kelso and the Foundation for the Challenged to provide safe and quality housing for people with developmental disabilities living in our community. This collaboration is creating affordable housing for people that in the past struggled to make ends meet due to rental cost constraints. The creation of this housing project has made a hazardous site safe again for an entire community and is building opportunities for people with disabilities now and for the future.


The City of Kelso received Federal and State grants of $755,300 in 2014 to remove contaminated soil from the former Terry’s Salvage site located at 1124 North Pacific Avenue in Kelso. After the site was cleaned and all testing completed by the Washington State Department of Ecology, the City of Kelso donated the land to Lower Columbia Community Action Council (CAP) to create low-income housing.


CAP partnered with Life Works to craft housing for people with developmental disabilities by offering the land for the project. Life Works then joined with the Foundation for the Challenged to build a duplex to provide the safe and affordable homes with 24-hour support and supervision. Grant funding to build the home came from the Washington State Housing Trust fund for $374,381.


Click here for more information regarding the clean-up/remediation of this property.


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