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What Do Families and Volunteers Say About Lifeworks

 Dear friends, I call you friends for this is the place in my life you have filled.

When I was a young adult …my life and family grew along with this area each with its special needs. Services with people who happened to have developmental disabilities, DD, began and expanded. Memorable words form a mother whose DD daughter was ten years older than mine, “You are so lucky, an institution was the only place for (my daughter’s) training.”

Two places of comfort for me were The Arc and Good Times Recreation Program including a swimming program. Schools began classes, originally two hours a day then a full day, self contained classrooms, then main streaming. Community based housing along with Adult Development Center, bowling and recreation activities and city busses opened new experiences.

When my three children were bumping thirty each were able to take their challenges in life outward from the family home. Each has grown to full potential within their chosen lifestyles.

Because of people like you my family has been able to function in a community that has a giving heart.

- Mary Anne


I cannot even say enough good things about the staff.  They truly are angels…I’m so blessed to have them in my daughter’s life (and ours)!

- Cinda


You can’t know how much I think of you and the staff that made Andy’s life so meaningful. I hope that all of you and your staff and families are doing well. We are so appreciative of you and your staff for all have you done for Andy and his family.  It was because of the stability and quality of the staff that Andy grew into being himself and a part of the Longview community. Words can not adequately express our appreaciation.

- Florence


I wanted to add my comments to the Life Works Staff Appreciation Day in August.  I admit, I have not taken the time in the past years to send my comments, only because I have a heavy caseload, as do all DCFS State Social Workers.  But, I cannot allow myself to pass up another opportunity to thank the staff of Life Works group home in Longview. …. I am grateful and thankful for the love and attention your staff have brought to Alex’s life.

- Tamara


Thank you for your love and care for Joanne.  You and your staff are greatly appreciated.

- Sonja


I have always been please with the care and advocacy that Jim has received.  The staff keeps me informed of all illnesses or problems that have occurred with him. Every staff person I have come in contact with has been warm, friendly, and supportive of Jim.

- Claudia


Please – from the bottom of our hearts we thank all of your unbelievably talented and gifted staff for working a miracle that has changed Mike’s life and his families too. The medicine alone could not have done it.  The staff hung in there for years believing in him, seeing his gifts and potential.  They picked up a tough, tough job and never gave up.  We have BIG smiles on our faces and are sleeping much better these nights.

- Bob and Barb